Herman Bar & Bistro, which opened its doors in 2015, is a place to drink and eat in the busy old town of Haapsalu. In the summertime, you can enjoy various refreshing cocktails or cold beers, as well as warm yourself with a cup of hot chocolate next to the fireplace during the colder times. We also guarantee a full stomach whenever you visit us! Our menu and drink list are big enough for everyone to find something for themselves.

If you're looking for a place to spend time with friends, family or enjoy your own company, then Herman is definitely the place to go! We offer board games and sport channels for entertainment and sometimes we even have a DJ in the house. Furthermore, we have different events ranging from beer pong tournaments to drum&bass parties in our well known basement called VHS.

In the summertime we are open every single day and during the colder seasons we are open on the weekends so you can visit us all year round!

There is also a guest house called Hermannus House located on the second floor of our building. You can find more information and check the availability on the Booking website.

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Karja 1a, Haapsalu


Bistro & bar: +372 4737131

Housing & other questions: +372 59 031 395

  Herman Bistro & Bar

 Herman Bistro & Bar



FRI 16-02
SAT 12-02
SUN 12-20


With the COVID-19 safety label, trusted to us by Visit Haapsalu we confirm that we follow the requirements and instructions of the Government and the Health Board of Estonia established for our field of activity, we keep up to date with the information and help visitors to comply with the virus prevention rules on site.